Thursday, January 10, 2008

One hand from a big night

01/08 @ Isle Casino (pompano,Fl) $1-$2 Holdem Cash game

I arrived around 7:30. My strategy was mix it up a little while staying in position, but to play straight forward poker. I was only going to raise to grow the pot size, no other reason.

After 30-45 mins., I was doing fine. I am very happy with my play. In fact, I haven't lost a pot I tried to get yet. The rest of the night was about to change in the next 30 mins. Here is the hand.

I am in "earlyish" position. I play with Q,Js by calling the $2. A couple folds and a caller later the "Villian" raises to $10. I have watched him very close and he gives his hand away with the size of his initial raises. If he bets $15 heas ance and if it is $10 he has a K. I immeadiately put him on Kx, normally a decent kicker card. I decide to see the flop so I call and so does one other. We have roughly $36 in the pot.

The flop is A,K,J. I am 1st to act so I decide to check my draw (no flush draw). Next player checks, villian bets $15. I decide my odds of calling are right so I call. The other guy folds. Now we have $66 in the pot. My plan is to get out of this hand on the turn if there is a huge bet.

The turn comes and is a Q. Now I have 2 pair but he may have made his straight so I check. Villian bets $20. I am again getting the right number to call ($20 to win $86) so I do.

The river is another J! Bingo for me! Full house JJJQQ. I am hoping he has made his straight and I plan let him continue betting out with idea of re-raising his action. He bets $30. I have roughly $110 left in my stack and the pot is now $116, so I decided he has K,10 and made his straight. I expect him to call an all in bet from me. I rule out A,K (due to his pre-flop raise), I rule out K,Q (thikning hisbet would have been more on the turn) I rule K,J because I have one and there are 2 on the board. I re-raise all in! He calls and shows K,J! He wins with JJJKK. Tough hand for me.

I spend the rest of the night playing very good poker. Iend up ahead at the end a modest $10! I felt real good about how I playedand it fel great to play again! One hand from having a $300+ night, maybe tomorrow.

until then........

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