Friday, January 4, 2008

The Teachers' Home Game

I have recently been playing in a home game dominated by local school teachers. All of whom are very nice guys. This game was in a duplex type home on Thurs. 1-3. This game consists of small buy in sit and gos. This time we played 3 games. The first game is always the most important with this group. It is the highest buy in ($40) that night. The next two games were $20 per game.

Overall I won* 2 of the 3 games. Nice night. I am disappointed though. I did not win the first game! I was did not execute very well and I need to play better as my goal is to dominate this type of opponent. Anyway, I was too lose. One hand I remember that led to mu demise, was when I had a straight draw with a flush draw. I had to call an all-in bet from a lower stack. I had at least 13 outs, so I thought it was my best option to call. I missed and was now crippled.

The poker at the Teachers' game is extremely loose. One of the players won with J,3 off suit and another was calling down a straight draw with the wrong suit! I need to play pretty srtaight forward in this game. Tricky plays don't work versus opponents that don't realize they are being trapped.

Anyway, I won* the next 2 games! The * is there because I am very careful to keep a "good guy" impression. I chop the pot at the end almost always. This is the second time with this group. I chopped 2 games the last time. We only played 2 games! Overall I am happy with a winning night. I won't accomplish my goal this way, but it important to play these games. They do help the bakroll grow.

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