Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lesson Learned

01/09 Isle Casino (Pompano,Fl) $1-$2 Holdem Cash game

Somewhere between driving to the Casino, leaving work, changing clothes, buying chips and sitting to play I forgot something. I need focus, strategy and attention to playing great poker! Mike Caro's latest book says "You must play your best game every time". He also said you must be told this because you'll get caught up in everything else. It happened to me!

After the fisrt 4 hands I was down close to $100! I was dealt A,Jo..J10s...K,Qs and lost with them very hand! The worst part was just riding out the hands each time. I wasn't putting my opponents on hands, understanding their plays or even staying with in a strategy of mine! WoW! When you sit down at the table, it is like your a business and have turned the keys to your doors ready to take their money for your services. You must be ready the moment the opportunities arrive.

Long story short, I re-focused (which is easy to do when you reach into your poket for more money) my poker game immeaditely. I played very well from that point forward and again came out ahead! This time uip $40.

I am having a new card protector made specific for me. It has a cool design createdand will have the acronym for You Always Play Your Best Game on it. When it arrives, I will photo it and put in here. There is a story to go with it as well. I'll wait to tell it when I get it.

Until next time......

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