Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Game

01/18/2008 Homegame @ my house

I had a good night. We played 3 games. I cashed in 2 for a profit of $80. No lessons learned or interesting situations.

The 1st game was a struggle. I got down to 2 chips ($500 and $100). I won my all ins and eventually chopped the winnings at the end.

The 2nd game went on forever with 3 players. At one point I was going all in just get the game moving. I played 3,6 all in and had no callers. Finally one was knocked out, so I decided to take second (I was behind) and start the 3rd game.

This brings into question a thought. I chop the end almost everytime so we can get onto another game. I need the practice of heads up play thought. I wonder if we could have the option at the end of our homegames of either a fair chop or play out the next blind level with the chip leader at that time declared the winner.

The idea is to get games over, but to also allow for a winner within a reasonable amount of time. I guess there are those who might argue the theory of a chip and a chair. I'll just have to see what the common feeling is and obviously, this would have to be accepted prior to any games starting.

My neighbor, Mike Albert, called prior to the game. He does read this blog, so he made the statement "play your best game, because I want to be in your blog as the guy who knocked you out". He won the final game but did not make into the blog as the guy who knocked me out. Good luck next time.

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