Sunday, January 27, 2008

catch up

Well I have played twice since last post. Too busy to input the results in the blog.

Anyway, I went and played at the Isle Casino (1/24) thursday. It was my roughest day of the year yet. I lost $100 in the 1st two hands. I made a mistake. I was new to the table and I bet my A,J into pocket A,A that turned into a full house. These are the mistakes I can no longer be making!

I played for another 2 hours and ended up grinding out another $100 loss, so for this night minus $200. No major hands to tell, it was just a grind.

1/27 Saturday @ the Isle Casino

I played my first casino tournament of the year. My neighbor (Mike) and went down and entered the $120 buy in. There were 78 players total. I made the color up break and the next break, but lost my short stack all inand was out 22. Mike on the other hand went deep into the tournament. He finished 5th! ($499 winner).

While he was finishing up, I went to a 2$ table. I had some fun here! My 1st hand was 10,10 and it held up to win a pot around $90. Then I had K,Q and flopped a straight. I had 9,10,J,Q,K and I had raisers in the hand! The first raiser had Q,8 so he made a straight as well and the last raiser went all in for $70 more on top of $40. He had J,10 giving him 2 pair. My straight was good and I won a big pot!

I finished at this table 2 hours in with $255 profit! Taking my buy in from the tournament into account, I won $135 for the day.

I am working on a couple of things from my latest book study. I will post once I am into it a little further.

unitil next time...........

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