Monday, January 14, 2008

1st Losing Session of the Year

01/13/2008 The "Garage Game"

On Sunday I played in a homegame. I'll refer to it as the "Garage Game" as we normally play of course in the garage. There were 7 to 8 players of which only 2 I had not really played against.

The 2 new players were sitting directly to my left. My unfamiliararity with these guys may have cost me a pot or two early on. It turns out both of them fit the "maniac" style of play. I have played this type of player before and know how to beat them, so I am not concerned.

This not a good day to be card dry! The strategy is to let the "maniacs" raise a few times, then come back over the top when I have a made hand. As it turns out, even a kinda good made hand will work for these two. I saw at least 5 or 6 all-in raises from each of these guys after the flop. I even saw them call an all in bet with only a draw! It was only a matter of time. Unfortunately for me, my position was a critical factor. I had to have a made hand, which just never came.

You don't have to win with good cards. That has been proven already, but good poker depends on making the right decisions. I don't disagree with many if any from the day. I did not end up being able to catch these guys with a made hand at any point.

I do not have a "hand of the night" type of situation to re-cap. I played good poker (maybe not great poker). I cashed in the 1st game and was shut out the rest of the night (3 games) resulting in an $80 shortfall. No regrets. As Mike Caro says, "How much you win or lose is none of your business. You only job is to make great decisions. Over the course of time, the more great decisions you make versus the poor decisions you make, the money part takes care of itself."

I did however experience another Mike Caro important lesson. Play in the right game. I don't believe I will allow this to happen again. If this were a cash game, I could move from this table or at least change seats. It seems that is the right approach to take from now on. I am hosting a homegame on Friday. I will now make players draw for seats prior to each event.

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