Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1st day at the Kennel Club in 2008

01/29/2008 Kennel Club Poker Room, West Palm Beach, FL

I decided to play at the Kennel Club tonight. It is just too convenient. It happens to be less than 5 mins. from my work. I absolutely hate it there though. It is run down, dirty, gross and the players all limp. The game is really "No fold'em Hold'em".

I played for 2 hours. I netted a nice profit tonight ($211). All in all, the players there are just ridiculous. The 1st hour was touch and go. I learned a tremendous amount by watching. I rarely played a hand. In fact, I didn't win a pot until at least 40 mins. in!

The next 1 hour and a half was definately mine! I was raising which reduced the field. If I stayed in the pot, I always had the best hand, because of the kicker or better cards. I played every advantage in an aggressive way. I could count a mistake made by the opponents on every hand! I started to not get callers after a string of wins.

Once these guys were out of cash and a new crop were sitting in, things were slower. There wasn't nearly the same number of mistakes being made. So I decded the game wasn't right anymore and cashed out for the night.

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