Sunday, February 3, 2008

1st Day of February

02/03/2008 Kennel Club $2.00 cash game

Today is the Superbowl! I wanted to play a little before the game. I went to the Kennel Club. As I said before, I hate this place. I had just recently won there, felt as though I could read these guys pretty good. It is definately limp city! My table is again rediculous. I saw error after error!
Calls from out of posion, raises with weak holdings and calls of bets with absoulute trash! I just need to play straight fowrard good position game.

After the first hour and a half, I found myself down $70. I haven't really even played a hand yet! I couple of bets here and there, then being bet out of the hand. I eventually lost the first buy in.

The very first hand after my second buy in was action that set in place the rest of the day. I was dealt K,Q in the SB. Everyone limped until the button who raised to $10. I know this player to be lose (like most everyone at the table) but not rediculous. I called. The flop was X,X, Q. I bet out $20, he called. I put him on Q,J or lower thinking if he had A,Q he might raise there. Next card is blank, I bet another $20, he calls. Next card is blank so I bet $25, he calls and shows A,Q. So is my day. I get out kicked by a loose table!

The next thing I find out is the card club is closing early! The Superbowl is getting the local card to close at 5:00! So I get a little anctious to make things happen before I get to go home. I win a little back, but end up losing this buy in as well! A minus $200 for the day! I really hate losing to these players. Because they call everything, my game was hindered to catching the cards! I really should have gotten up and moved to another table, but hopefully I learned another lesson!

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